Community powered guilt-free fashion anytime, anywhere.

Say hello to your new fashion BFF: Rotate Your Closet. The peer-to-peer clothing app where you can rent new pieces and generate money from your own clothes.

Gain access to unlimited amount of rentals, total flexibility with rental prices, seamless booking, a new recurring income stream, and meet thousands of like-minded fashionistas.

Download now to reduce your economic and environmental burden of clothing ownership.


Gain access to thousands of new trendy pieces. Locally pick up from your neighbors, or get items shipped from far away. Experiment with your style without breaking the bank.


Make money off the clothes that normally sit
in your closet unworn and unloved ūü§≠ without
losing ownership.


Find your ¬†style doppelg√§nger ūüĎĮ and get
connected to like-minded fashionistas who
share similar fashion DNA.


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Testimonial from a Rotator named Katie reading "This dress was the ultimate summer wedding staple.."Testimonial from another renter named Taylor who got the most compliments for wearing the two piece pink set she is pictured in. a women pictured in a beautiful rented gucci vintage dress from RotateRotate has been featured in press by the Today show, Los Angeles Wire and Business of Fashion.


A girl in a two piece pink set at a concert festival in her rented piece from Rotate. Click here to explore similar styles for festival season. A WOMEN IN a maxi gown in white with the text bride to be behind herA women in a beautiful dress from cult gaia with words behind her saying destination wedding guest. See all in the app >


How long can I rent for? >
Up to 6 weeks. Everyone has a 1-week minimum rental period.
How much money do I make? >
You earn up to 80% of your listing price every time! Cash out via direct deposit whenever you like! On average, our Rotators have earned hundreds each month renting out their closets.
What happens if my item gets damaged during rental? >
Your clothes are fully covered. In the case of major damages or non returns, you are compensated up to the market value of your item.
How does cleaning work? >
The renter should not clean the garment and send their rental backs unworn. WE REPEAT, the renter should not clean the garment. The Rotator is responsible for cleaning their own clothes for many reasons to ensure protection and care. Remember while sharing someone's clothes is fun, make sure you treat them like they were your own!