Meet our Co-Founders & Co-CEOs Hannah Graves and Jessie Somekh
We’re shopaholics and started a peer to peer clothing rental app. We met back in 2011 on a teen tour in Barcelona & instantly connected over our love for clothes. We began borrowing each other's pieces like there was no tomorrow the entire trip. We stayed in touch via Instagram, constantly dming each other for the links to each other’s outfits but started to wonder how we could save money and recreate what we were doing back in Barcelona. 

11 years later we reconnected over having too many clothes and events that we always wanted a new outfit for but didn’t always have the budget for. We were overconsuming and overspending and felt constant anxiety looking at our overflowing closets, and so did our friends. 

And that's how Rotate was born! We wanted to create a platform that let us access trendy pieces we wanted without having to spend a ridiculous amount of money and hurt the environment. We wanted to make fashion fun, affordable, sustainable, and hassle-free! 

With Rotate, you can rent out your clothes, make some extra cash, and reduce the environmental impact of fast fashion. 

Welcome to the future of sustainable fashion!

Hannah and Jessie

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Taylor C.

I'd truly be lost without Rotate for all my wedding guest dresses or travel. I have saved thousands of dollars by renting from Rotate and feel so much better about how I shop. I used to online order so many clothes that I never wore and now I can just commit to the outfit when I need it for, not when I think I need it. Thank you, Rotate!

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